It's been 10 years since I've participated in collegiate athletics. It's a great way to get back into sports. I'm also enjoying all the social events Big D has organized. All the people I meet are very cool, friendly and interesting. Great Job!!!  - swift_one

Playing sports while meeting people is something I always look forward to. Pedro, Susan and the coordinators are friendly and make it a fun and entertaining experience. I won't go back to the other sports and social club. Big ups to Big D!!! - dwoods

Go Big D! - amorales

I look forward to weekday nights where I can release my daily frustrations on the fields in an athletic way and have fun with my friends. Keep up the good work Big D Sports - emilyo

fun fun! - p00pFac3mcg33

I love sports, drinking, fun, meeting new people, and travel. They offer the opportunity for all five. - wyldtek

Big D sponsors numerous events. The staff works tirelessly supporting all of their league activities. - TableJenga

They had an awesome Christmas party with free beer and wings if you donated a toy to Toys for Tots.  - HPCrazyCat

Great events, great set up and pretty inexpensive to join up. Just a great experience - aggie007

Big D Sports provides countless extra-curricular opportunities for me to meet new friends and have fun outside the 'bar scene.' I'm getting back in shape and having a blast doing it! Thank you, Big D! - sarahmath

Big D Sports Rock!! Awesome leagues for every age and ability. Various team sports are offered almost nightly. - MOGORUN

Big D Sports creates a great environment to stay active and meet other people in Dallas through both sports and social events! - KEE

LOVE me some Big D!! - Brooke

Big D has fun leagues and social events for young professionals in DFW. I look forward to my kickball league each Thursday night, and I've had a blast at every Big D social event/happy hour that I've attended. Great way to meet new people! - SicEmSports

Big D Sports is a great way to execise, have fun, and meet new friends. - HAP

great activities, and a place to meet new people... met my wife through the original iteration of this group! - daveh2os

I love the Big D activities and my kickball team! - VBB

What a great way to get or stay active and entertained. Also a plus when it comes to meeting new people. - nich2080

Great activities!  - hornedfrogs

I love Big D Sports. Its a great way to stay active and meet new people! - aoiiapril

Big D is a great organization that provides plenty of opportunities for networking and socializing. - revsimon

Big D Sports is the greatest sports organization in Dallas, TX. I have been playing softball, kickball, dodgeball and flag football with Big D Sports for 4 years. Big D Sports is also a great way to make new friends. - ayequetony

Best sports organization in Dallas. - pnavarrette

Lots of fun activities and love the intramurals! - sammysweets

Big D rocks it!!!!! - missinglink

Big D rocks - Nollen

Super fantastic! - pipamex

So Much fun! - aggiebethie

Great organization, so fun. - rmorton

This buisness rocks! So much fun!! - flexvince

Some of the coolest events for young professionals in Dallas. I always have a blast with Big D! - Marco

Definitely run the best sports leagues in Dallas. The others I've played in don't compare! - krs0148

Big D introduced me to a bunch of great people and to some hot ladies. What what?? - cgatestest

Big D is TONS of fun! I was new to the city and i dont feel so new anymore. They do everything they can to make you feel welcome - everything from answering emails promptly and professionally to organizing awesome events that people ACTUALLY go to! - dianeleland

It is a great place to meet people and have a great time playing sports. - bggdd

I love Big D Sports!!! - rkrivacic

It's a great way to meet new people and they have many social activities throughout the month. So much fun! - amjersey

Great organization for friends and sports - patty

I love Big D Sports! I have met some amazing people/friends through this organization. It's like we are one big family! - gulley10

Love Big D!! - gyrl112

I love the folks at Big D! Great events, great sports and great fun! - JPC

This has been the best for me since moving to Dallas. There is always something fun to do, the sports teams are so laid back and I've met great friends! - M-Lo

What can I say but that they are amazing! - Cleobuddy

Susan and Pedro go out of there way to provide fair, quality leagues and sports. They take the time to help all there members with any questions or needs they have. best sports league in Dallas. - JasonH

This is an organization managed by world class personnel that has a passion to help young professionals participate in sports and other social events. They have my full endorsement! - riceowl19

love Big D! Great events, great sports, great people! - jenwilly

Love Big D Sports...so much fun! - sg1136

I have met so many wonderful friends through the intermural sports each season. Big D has great relationships with many local businesses and sports teams to keep us entertained year round. - lauri12345

They are awesome with the best customer service. - lolo

Have played in multiple leagues around Dallas, but Big D is by far the best. Offer a wide variety of sports and do a great job catering to needs and suggestions of the participants. - mtepper

This group puts on GREAT social events in the Dallas area! - KKoz9

They balance the athletic pursuits with social ones so that anyone can fun participating. They also balance being big enough to where you are playing against new teams/talent but small enough to where your team doesn't get lost in the shuffle. - MEP

Big D Rocks!!! - sonicjones

This is a great organization to stay active, meet new people and check out local places to hang out. - mindy h

BigD Sports is a great conduit to new friends, business contacts and athletic outlets! - Big Hurt

Big D is the BEST co-ed sports league in the Dallas area. They are organized, competitive, and are always interested in how they can improve their business, even asking those who compete for their opinion. - AlexisD

Big D is the best rec league in Dallas. They also have great social events and leadership that is passionate about each participant/client. - DallasLonghorn27

Big D Sports has excellent customer service and works with you every day to make sure you enjoy every game. I see the directors and they are there taking interest in the day to day activities. A well run organization with integrity and honor. - Spryor88

Best run adult sports leagues in Dallas! Love these guys! - Tom

No other league offers more more sports, at different levels of competition and utilizes the input they receive like Big D.  - Mark C

The best adult sports leagues in town. I've played in others and these are the best run and most organized in Dallas. - Peter

Physical Address: 4515 Prentice Street Suite 201, Dallas, Texas 75206

Mailing Address: 6119 Greenville Ave #139, Dallas, Texas 75206