Weather Update

Sunday, November 12th - softball games have been cancelled due to unplayable fields.    

Please check back later for the latest weather updates.


Big D Sports will try to play all games as scheduled (whether it’s hot, cold or even raining just a bit) as long as we are not jeopardizing the safety of our players or ruining the fields.  All of our fields are contracted either through the City of Dallas or private venues, We do not get to make the final decision whether or not fields are playable. Even though we may not always agree with the venue’s decision, we have to respect the decision per our contract. 

Big D Sports will check fields (as soon as possible) after it has rained to see if we can make an early decision. If we can make the decision ourselves, we will update all weather avenues right away. If the fields are questionable and we have to wait for a final decision from the venue, we may not know until after 3:30 pm (weekdays).  Weekends are a bit tougher but we will try to update you more than an hour before league starts.  If it rains late afternoon/early evening (or during league play), we may not catch everyone before they get to the field, but we will move as quickly as possible.  

PLEASE DO NOT ASK US ABOUT FIELD STATUS!!  We will update everyone the minute we know (see #3 below as the safest last minute way to get information). 

Remember... this is Texas. It may be raining buckets where you are and be perfectly sunny at our fields - or vice versa. Always check the weather info if you are not sure. 

How do you check weather info/game status?  We have something for everyone so use the data source that best works for you. 

  1. Check our website at  The home page will have a quick blurb, and when you click on that you will get to the details page.
  2. Follow us on Twitter (@TheBigDSports) and/or Facebook (Big D Sports & Entertainment).  You can also receive push notification (settings required).
  3. Enable text notifications through your account (check with your carrier for possible fees).  We will only text rainout info or other urgent field info.  From your dashboard click on the “text message settings” and opt-in. 
  4. Captains will get an email notification as possible, but this will be the last form of communication so may not be as timely as the others since we have to do it from a computer. 




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